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Tune-ups, Oil Change, Wheel Alignment in Yonkers

Classic Auto Repair Shop provides tune-ups, oil changes, and alignment services. We are based in Yonkers.

Car Tune-Ups and Oil Changes

Regular tune-ups and oil changes prolong the efficiency and power of any vehicle. At Classic Auto Repair Shop we inspect all aspects of your engine, replace any faulty parts and ensure that everything is running smoothly.

Save time and money on your vehicle by getting your tune-ups and oil changes done at our shop.

“Inspecting all engine components and replacing faulty parts”

Tune-ups, Oil Change, Alignment Repair Yonkers
Tune-ups, Oil Change, Alignment New York

Wheel Alignment

Getting your wheel alignment checked regularly helps to extend the life of your tires by up to 12,000 miles!

At Classic Auto Repair Shop we service both domestic and foreign cars. We thoroughly examine your tires for any excessive wear and ensure that your steering and suspension are in perfect working condition.

“Thoroughly examining your tires for any excessive wear”

When Might You Need a Tune-Up?

  • Engine stalling when stopped or running
  • Engine running even after the ignition is off
  • Engine light remains on after starting the vehicle
  • Decrease in gas mileage

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